Gong srl is an industrial reality established in 1960, leader in the projecting field for livestock systems.

Initially born as a leader in the poultry market at the beginnings of the 60s, Gong srl specialized in the pig sector in the last 20 years. In fact, nowadays Gong srl is one of the top ranked companies from all over the world in its field.

Gong srl does not only project barns and equip swine farms: it can also provide a wide range of products for poultry and cattle, turn-key projects and metal prefabricated buildings. Among its objectives, Gong srl aims to work together with the farmer, in order to apply the innovation to their realizations. In this way we can offer the best condition to the workers involved in the swine sector.

Our long-time experience in the zootechnical field led us to innovative technologies, in particular we focused on the animal welfare and the modern farms. For this reason, we started a partnership with the German company Big Dutchman International GmbH, leader in the market alla round the world. Thanks to this partnership we can offer new technology in order to manage every unit inn the pig field.

Moreover, following the environment law in force, Gong srl focuses on the study and realization of projects that can fulfill the standard required by the law, so that we can offer the right compromise between an effective system and the energy saving. Thanks to the support of our technicians and engineers we can suggets, offer and realize ammonia stripping plants and wastewater treating plants with SBR system for nitrogen removal. Let our experts advise you and illustrate our technologies!

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Company of the Group born to design and build computerized feeding systems both for liquid and dry pig feeding.